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Main Courses



Our main courses - the power and the glory.  The glory of home cooking, the main course of the meal is the one that becomes the heirloom recipe ready to be passed down in the family. We wait for them, and they arrive in kettles and large serving bowls, in steaming trays straight from the oven. They are the the source of sinew, strength and energy.

These dinners may be simple day-to-day meals, holiday extravaganzas, or a special occasion dish, but these are the dishes that we talk about years later. 'Remember how Mom cooked ...' 'boy, that was the best.' When we think of these dinners, we remember the slant of light across the dinner table, the apron that Mom wore, the bowl the pasta was served in, the feeling of warmth as we joined to eat. From fish to meat, to pastas, beans and grains, these are the dishes that build sturdy bones and happy memories.  


Appetizers - Here you'll find a wide variety of recipes.  They come in all shapes, many are wrapped in dough or in pastry cases, and if you size them large, many are good for a main course. click here for appetizers and small bites

Basics - From the jams and jellies we spread on toast in the morning, to soffritto, salsa, rubs and marinades, here is where you'll find the starting point for many good recipes. click her for basics

Bread - From those yeasted breads to the quick breads - sweet and savory both.  click for bread recipes

Breakfast - Anything you want to eat for breakfast   Click for breakfast recipes -- and see the special page for egg recipes.

Beverages and Wine - To quench our thirst, the many tastes of liquid refreshment. wine and beverage

Chef and Cookbook Recipes - gathered from our book reviews - from simple to sublime in every category chef and cookbook recipes

Eggs - The Great, and Glorious Egg. It makes lunch, brunch, breakfast or an occasional appetizer. egg recipes   

Meats - This is the meat-eaters heaven with recipes from around the world for all types of meats. meat   Includes special chili section on chili.  Also see the lamb recipes page as well as the pork recipes page.

Pasta - Italy's gift, from homemade noodles to the infinite ways we can dress pasta pasta

Grill and barbecue - Our summertime delight, we never tire of it and never stop learning the techniques. grill and barbecue recipe page -rubs, marinades, salsas, chutneys, side dishes, meat, fish, veggies

Beans and Grains - The sustenance of humankind since the earliest recorded time. bean and grain recipes Includes recipes for tofu, many of them main course recipes.

Poultry - That staple chicken - one in every pot- and all other feathered foods. poultry recipe page

Seafood - There are infinite varieties of fish and shellfish and infinite ways to prepare it. seafood recipe page   And for the most popular of seafoods the shrimp recipe page

Veggies - So many wonderful vegetable recipes that you will easily get your 5 servings a day. click for veggie recipes

Miscellaneous: thawing and cooking times for turkey    authentic Puerto Rican Pasteles a dough stuffed with meat and wrapped in a leaf - fits in many categories of food, but is always delicious

Cooking with Kids in Summer - easy and cool  click here

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