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Our bookshelves burst with with cookbooks, each one the result of the author's passion and each a source of inspiration to the home cook. On our cookbook review pages, you can find these recipes, but we've assembled them here for convenience.  Most are chef recipes, --culinary delights-- and the highest of gourmet recipes. On each recipe page you will find the name of the book and it's author with a link to the book review. We hope this will help you make good selections for your own library.  At the bottom of this page we will explain our standards for selecting the books we review. We have specified low-carb or diabetic if the recipe came from that particular source.

What is a good cookbook? 

What makes one cookbook recipe better than another?  Is it only chef recipes that satisfy?  This is an interesting question.  We are generally drawn to the books with the most beautiful pictures, since a photo can be a guide to serving food.  Presentation is an art of its own, called plating in chef circles. 

But a photo is not all.  What we want is good writing:  we want clarity, clarity, clarity.  We want a tricky step to be properly explained so we aren't scratching our heads, wondering what the author means.  We want to be able to find the ingredients in our larder or, if the ingredients are exotic, we want a list of resources to advise us where to find a legitimate source of the ingredients.

All our cookbook reviews are reviewed with the most discrimination we can bring to the task.  We review only those books that we fulfill high standards.  This does not mean that only a chef can create a good cookbook.  There are fine writers and people with clarity of vision.  A good cookbook is also an inspiration and once we have given the recipe a chance to become our own it changes. 

When looking for a recipe you can search by the cookbook title if you know it, by the author, or by your favorite cheff, but the best way to discover exciting new recipes is to search for a categroy of recipe that you like and see what all every chef, every cookbook author has been discovering.

All of these recipes are also listed on the main ingredients pages.  Click below for your favorite category.




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