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Breakfast and brunch - the day begins.  When mothers rise early to fix a meal, we call it breakfast, but when we want to fix breakfast for them, we take them out and call it brunch. Breakfast or brunch, this is the start of the day, our welcome to whatever unforeseen events wait in the breaking day. Mothers tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Listen to your mother: nutritionists agree. Brunch is a more elaborate affair and we combine lunch foods with breakfast food to arrive at that combined word brunch.

Breakfast and brunch run the gamut, from on-the-run coffee with a store-bought Danish, to more elaborate ways of serving eggs, pancakes, French toast and pancakes. Ham and eggs, bacon and eggs, sausage and eggs - all are classic breakfast fare. Sweet breads are a favorite breakfast food. If you live in Japan, you'll have miso soup, while in China you'll have congee. Breakfast is is a moveable feast ordered to suit this very day.

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Soup for Breakfast?
While American children crunch and crackle their way through corn flakes, granola, crisp strips of bacon,and other traditional breakfast foods, children throughout the East are sipping their breakfast. In China this means congee, a breakfast soup that also could be called rice porridge. Essentially congee is rice cooked in volumes of water to form a soup. It may be eaten plain or may have bits of meat or fish added to it. If this sounds strange to American ears, we have only to think of a hot bowl of cream of rice. While we might toss in fruit, the Chinese add meats and seasonings such as soy sauce and ginger. The expression my be different, but the underlying idea is similar. Japanese children would be sipping a strengthening miso soup for breakfast. Miso is made from fermented soy beans. It is added to soup stock at the last minute. The water is lowered to prevent boiling which would kill the beneficial bacteria produced by fermentation. Studies are being conducted on the value of fermented foods since the Japanese consume them in large amounts and have the longest life expectancy of the world's peoples. Have a nourishing breakfast, no matter what it may include in the menu.