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Beans and Grains Recipes



Great Grain and Beans Recipes

Early man was a hunter-gatherer, depending on luck to ensure survival. As we evolved to domesticate animals and grow our food, life was extended and we lived longer. Once women gathered together to pound grains on a rock, a laborious task, but one that ensured survival and even drew women together in a community.

From maize in the Americas, to the lentil of Europe and Asia, to the terraced rice hills in Asia, beans and grains have been our sustenance. They make a meal complete when served beside a meat dish or stand alone to nourish.  This is the foundation of the vegetarian diet and by combining grains and beans with a good handful of nuts or dairy products, we can achieve a protein balance without eating meat. There are no clogged arteries with this diet, and beans are known to lower cholesterol.

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