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Patsy Swendson


Cook's Cottage

cook's Cottage



For twenty years Patsy Swendson's charm and beauty were captured by television cameras.  As a TV personality, she hosted her own show on which she gave recipes, cooking tips and travel notes, but this energetic woman wanted to do more.   She put her romantic imagination to work and created Cook's Cottage.  Her personal grace is evidenced in the softness of her decorating, but the tranquility of her creation gives no hint to the energy that Swendson possesses. Swendson is the author of 49 cookbooks, including the current Popovers, Peaches and Four-Poster Beds, a title which gives Swendson's thoughts away.

Her charm has also found its way out into the world via the instinct she prizes most - her impulse to help others.  Though Swendson offers us romance and good food, though her credits as a TV personality are legion, her proudest accomplishment has been her work with animals that visit the sick.  A charter member of the Delta Society of San Antonio, she served as president for three years during which time the Society accomplished a unique task - they won approval to have certified, tested animals visit the sick in over 68 health care facilities.  With her beloved pets, Penny and Grace, Patsy was one of those visitors. She recounts the therapeutic and moving experiences in Penny's From Heaven.  While she talks of her dogs, the stories are about the patients.   "It's solely about the patient.  It isn't about me and it isn't about Penny.  Egos must be set aside.  It is quite simply about that particular patient, at that particular moment, and his or her struggle to heal and improve their quality of life."Setting one's ego aside is the beginning of a spiritual journey and the strength of this book is that by avoiding herself and focusing on the patients, Swendson takes us on her own journey, one of spiritual growth and learning.

We asked Swendson what was next on her agenda.  She smiled with a hint in the smile that the best was yet to come. 

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