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main thanksgiving and christmas holiday page - recipes in all categories

Holiday Vegetables


You can choose a light vegetable dish or one that is very filling.  There are recipes here that will help you shape a theme for your holiday - southwestern, Italian, classic, southern, English, German, Swedish.  The variety of holiday vegetable dishes is endless.  Though we don't always make salads for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we've included a couple of recipes for fennel which is very refreshing with heavier holiday dishes. Have fun, play, experiment.





Veggie Recipes for the Great Holiday Vegetables - Sides Dishes or Filling Dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas




















We wish you all a happy holiday season.  Thanksgiving is a classic American holiday, and Christmas a Christian one.  But the season is the season and rings with good thoughts and well wishes for everyone.  We wish you peace, love and joy in this holiday season. And may those thoughts travel with you into the New Year.



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