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main thanksgiving and christmas holiday page - recipes in all categories

Holiday Meat Recipes- Turkey, Goose, Ham, Beef


Lots of Recipes for

Leftover Turkey and Ham


Should you cook a brined turkey?  Should you baste the turkey or cover it with butter-drenched cheesecloth? What about a ham, maybe prime ribs as well as a turkey to offer holiday variety and make your Thanksgiving or Christmas table a lavish spread? 

Holidays need coordination and the choice of meat for the holiday table determines many of the other dishes.  Mull the recipes carefully.  Scroll down or click here for articles that will improve your skills or to give you menu suggestions.

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The great bird - Turkey Recipes, Turkey Gravy, Recipes





Holiday Turkey Leftovers - Turkey  Soup or Sandwich, Mexican, Asian, Italian - the world is yours

Turkey leftovers, oh groan, not another turkey sandwich.  Well, yes if it's a Monte  Cristo, but how about a turkey roll-up, an empanada, a quesadilla.  Imagination will make you sorry when the leftovers are gone. And, yes, turkey soup is de rigeur.



Beyond Ham Sandwiches - Great Soups for Leftover Ham

Soups require little attendance, other than watching the flame.  After Thanksgiving or Christmas, the cook is tired, and soup t's like having a day off after the holiday fuss.  And the ham bone is waiting to flavor and enrich a soup. 




Holiday articles- get tips and ideas for cooking at Thanksgiving or Christmas:



We wish you all a peaceful holiday season.  Thanksgiving is a classic American holiday, and Christmas a Christian one.  But the season is the season and rings with good thoughts and well wishes for everyone.  We wish you peace, love and joy in this holiday season. And may those thoughts travel with you into the New Year.




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