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Hwa Ping Mao Siu



individuality with won tons

My father grew up in America. My mother came here as a young girl and lived all over the country. As a result, we ate a wide variety of foods. We had turkey on Thanksgiving and lamb at Easter. We celebrated New Year's Eve twice in the year, once the American way and once the Chinese way.

Despite her Americanization, my mother was loyal enough to Chinese foods to make a special weekly trip to Chinatown. She would stock up on dried mushrooms and tiny dried shrimps and pickled vegetables that came in cans that looked exotic to me because they weren't in supermarkets. All of us loved to help in the kitchen, but I was my mother's special assistant. I loved helping her make fried rice.Stuffing and shaping won tons was the real family enterprise. We all left our individual stamp on the won tons in the way we sealed them and the way we crimped the edges. I preferred sealing with egg, my sisters preferred water. Mom would steam them or fry them in the wok or put them into chicken soup.ABOUT PAUL SIU, D.D.S. Paul is a Manhattan based dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentristy. Because of his skills, many smiles are beautiful, happy, and eager to be seen.

Dr. Paul Siu
57 West 58th St. New York, NY 10019     212-838-0017


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