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A meal in a restaurant opens the taste buds, but the mother's cuisine widens all the senses. In the mother's food is the tap, tap, tap of her shoes as she moves around the kitchen. In her food is the sight of steam swirling as a pot lid is lifted, and the feel of the fork that was used for daily meals. Mama's kitchen carries the memory of scraped knees and school yard squabbles that seemed unimportant when we sat to eat. This is our inheritance, the living part of the genealogical tree, the heirloom recipes based on traditional cooking passed on through generations. These are the recipes we use, whether we are seniors or young moms.

Meals from a mother's kitchen are deceptively simple. A mother's meals are intended to nourish, to build bones and sinew, to please the taste buds of an entire family. This is the food we really eat, the food we call comfort food. The recipes exhibit all varieties of ethnic cooking, run the spectrum of regional foods. They show our mothers' creativity, and their subtle sense of art and science.

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