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Serving Size and Servings per container

The size is given in standard measures, such as cups or pieces, as well as in the metric measure, grams. This is followed by the number of servings. It is important to make note of the number of servings. In this example we see that there are four servings of 1/2 cup each. When we look down, we see that each serving gives 90 calories. The total amount of calories in this container is NOT 90, but 360. And half a cup is a generally not a filling amount of food.

Calculate if a half cup of the given food is enough for you. If you are that bird-like eater, you have no problem, but if you are like the rest of the world, 1/2 cup of most foods is not enough. You can adjust your total intake. If you will eat this entire container of food, all 360 calories, and still feel hungry, you can add fresh apple which is filling and nutritious.

nutrition facts panel

As you continue, reading the other elements on a label, please remember the serving size.

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Complete List of Label Elements:


This material is provided as a general guide, and is not intended as advice. Please contact a physician if you have dietary problems. The FDA may change or alter labels at their discrimination.




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