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Sicilian Cooking - Recipes

These are the recipes that accompany our long article on the history and development of Sicilian cooking. They are authentic Sicilian recipes. They vary as the climate of Sicily varies, and show the many influences of conquerors. For a fuller account, please read the article on sicilian cooking, its history and development. We will continue to add to this list, so check back often.

If you are interested in more AUTHENTIC Sicilian recipes, may we recommend the book Pomp and Circumstance. click here to read our review


Sicilian Pasta, Grain and Pizza Recipes


Sicilian Vegetable Recipes







Sicilian Sweets Recipes


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Pizza and Mein Papa
a Sicilian Nana
Sicilian Comfort Food
sicilian mama and papa - Tony Matteliano
Antoinette DeRobertis
Helen Viola
the beat goes on - the younger Violas

There are many adaptations of Sicilian recipes.  The cuisine of Sicily was brought to the Untied States by scores of immigrants seeking better lives.  On this page, we have tried to present the authentic Sicilian recipes that we have found through travel and research.  You will find many other Sicilian recipes throughout the site, many the variations that have evolved through time and travel  These are often quite delicious, but this page is for the authentic cuisine from Sicily.





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