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Irish Cooking - An Irish Breakfast


by Diana Viola

If you travel in Ireland, you will be offered a hearty Irish breakfast. It will be served on the best china with the finest linen and lace. Eat hearty, lads and lassies, Ireland invites walking.

If you are heading out for a walk under the drizzle that Ireland calls rain, you need a breakfast that will sustain you, and an Irish breakfast is substantial. You will be offered farm fresh eggs with the sunniest of yolks along with sausage, eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, black pudding, white pudding. On the side is Irish brown bread served with sweet Irish butter and the famous Irish preserves. Top off breakfast with a cup of Irish breakfast tea, a medium rich tea, and put in lots of milk.

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Bacon in Ireland is back bacon, a meatier bacon than is sold in the United States, its closest equivalent being what is called Canadian bacon in the US. And then there are the puddings, sold in packages the size of salami. Black pudding is really a blood pudding which is a staple across the European continent. The French call theirs 'boudin noir,' the Spanish 'morcilla,' the Germans 'blutwurst,' and the Italians 'sanguinaccio.' The Italians even make a sweet pudding for dessert from blood pudding.

Irish brown bread is sometimes made with oatmeal, but its unique taste comes from using the finest milled wheat. In legend, this developed in the monasteries around the country, and each county developed a version of their own. We are offering you recipes for other famous Irish baked goods, though you would not serve them with a traditional breakfast. Go ahead - break tradition and enjoy barmbrack, the traditional bread of All Soul's Day, or enjoy a soda bread. But save room for a scone at tea time.

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Irish Breakfast Recipes




©Diana Viola 2003

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