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Pasta Recipes



from angel hair pasta to lasagna dough,
pasta with veggies or meats, authentic Italian to Japanese soba or somen Noodles, to Chinese wheat or rice noodles, we love pasta

Pasta is the entrepreneur of the kitchen, using whatever ingredients are available, and turning them into a satisfying sauce. It offers endless variety: it can be straight or curly, fine or thick, fresh or dried. Pasta waits for our imaginations to burst, then rewards us. Scroll down for popular lasagna recipes, then for a comforting macaroni and cheese, for new pasta recipes and ones from centuries of tradition.  Play, adapt to taste - that's pasta's gift to the world.

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*****Most of the pasta recipes are for Italian pastas, of course, but you'll find friendly pasta recipes from around the world mixed in with the enduring and classic Italian pasta recipes.   Sauces lead the way, then dishes are arranged by type of recommended pasta shape.


Pasta Dough Recipes and basic Sauce Recipes







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