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Internet Nostalgia

With the magic of computers - stories from around the world



We love to share our stories and the internet now connects us in new ways. The rise of the computer age now enables us to share via e-mail and ultimately on the internet. If you look through these stories, you will see that story-telling is an aspect of living. Whether talking about the best or worst dinner we ever made, the magic touch that a friend or relative had when cooking, whether we are in the kitchen alone or with someone, food gives us memorable stories. We are happy to be preserving our traditions on through the computer and even happier that the internet allows us to send them to all corners of the globe. Enjoy these stories and add your own. Please scroll down to see the range of stories.


Featured Restaurant: The Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant click here
In and Out of the Kitchen with Alan Gaudette click here   Summer in Gloucester  click here
Middle Eastern Bread and Cereal: Mother's Culinary Legacy  by Joe David   click here
From Sweden, With Love:  My Mom, Lena Ostermark  click here
My Magical Mom - A Special Gift click here
International Cooking:  Talking with Tessa Kiros, author of Falling Cloudberries click here


Tacos in India by Angshuman Das click here
The Lure of Collecting Recipes  by Junior Trimmer click here
Indian Cooking: Chai & Pakoras by Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal  click here
A Letter from Mexico: A Love of Travel  by Deirdre Watson - click here
Tony DeAngelis  Cooking: A Love Story  by Diana McAndrews - click here
Apple Pie on a Hot Indian Summer Day by Angshuman Das click here
Tea and a Woeful Pinky Crisis by Melissa Mitchell - click here

The Pavlova Debate A New Article in Three Parts, by Douglas Muster:
origin of the pavlova    origin of meringue    analysis of how to make pavlova

Dad's Recipes - A treasury of Classic Italian Cooking, Found in Notebooks & the Backs of Wine Labels by Jerry De Angelis click here
Traditions Revived: Maghas Laddus and a tradition upheld by Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal click here
Esperanza Beatriz: "Incandescently Gifted" by her daughter, Moni Hamolsky click here
Indian Pickles - the Preservation of Traditions by Rushina Munshaw -Ghildiyal click here
A Happy New Year Wish from India with Love by Rushina Munshaw -Ghildiyal click here
The Gazebo: A Saga of Home Improvement click here
In Which the Author Dreams of Stoves - click here


Anorexia - Tasting Food Again - A young woman's account of recovery from anorexia
by 'Rose'

An Adopted Grandmother- by Maria Saturnino

Apricots, my Golden Globes - by Margaret Walker - putting up preserves with mum, with information as well ****

architectural maccheroni - by Marco Frascari - funny, scholarly and informative

at grandmother's farm part one by Junior Trimmer

at grandmother's farm - part two by Junior Trimmer

becoming a father by Tamra Carraway

Battle Creek, Michigan - by Gary Antonuk-Lis - pierogis, pasties and a big bowl of cereal

the best cook - by Stacy Cooper - sometimes it was Mom, sometimes Dad

a book unfolds - Our Mothers' Recipes - by Jonathan Cutler and Lanny Udell - how a book came about

Canadian Chocoholic - by Glenn DuHart - he went from chocolate lover to chocoholic to chocolate maker***

Celebration! - A Welcome Home for a Soldier

christmas lunches - by Margaret Walker - the warm Australian Christmas **

Cooking fish in bengal - by Angshuman Das - an Indian boyhood **

Cooking in Cape Town - by Eric & Marietta Peverelli - a couple in South Africa cooks together

cook up fun with kids in the kitchen - by Francesca DiMeglio**

Cooking with mama - by Carmen Flak - a mother and daughter make 'pizza di ricotta' together

clarity and simplicity - by Isobel Lane - an Englishwoman's philosophy of good food **

cliff's corner - Cliff Lowe's main page to find lots of interesting articles

a connecticut boyhood - by Jerry & Pat De Angelis - the Italian boyhood of great cooks

cooking from scratch - by Diana McAndrews

Cooking for President Clinton  
creating a menu for Bill Clinton        try a dish created for President Clinton

Creating an Amazing Life by Tania Nathan

czech cooking in the new world - by George Dvorak - he music of a farm

daddy and I by Alexandra Martin

A Heritage from Sicily, a Home in Mexico: Real Life Fusion Cooking by Dot Logsdon

Deep in the Heart of Texas - by Ron Duckworth

detroit cuisine, 1940 - by Bill Robinson - memory of time and place

Diana's most spectacular failure - by Diana Viola - the most elaborate meal, with one simple mistake

Debbie's spectacular discovery -by Debbie Farrell - she bought a coal stove

a different cupboard - by Barbara J. Gewirtz - a loving mom who didn't love to cook

dumplings, doughboys and clouds in my soup by Stacy Cooper

Enchiladas as an Educational Experience by David Adams

first foot - by Marge Vallazza - a Scottish war bride in Texas

fish and chips - by Chris Cooke - 'your plaice or mine?' about England's most famous dish

a fishy tale on Valentine's day - by Meryl Grebe - a romantic tale from South Africa about the author's parents

formaggio - by Carmen Flak

fried rice as comfort food by Tamra Carraway

the Great Texas bean robbery by David Adams

granny's fried pants by David Adams

The Great Texas Bean Robbery by David Adams

The Great Plum Pudding Disaster  by Patrick Cullie

a handful of flour by Lynn Masiello

a heritage 'preserved' - Margaret's background with jams & jellie

holland to trinidad - by Ilka Hilton-Clarke - adapting to a new culture

hungry for hungary - by David Adams

I Am Who I Am Because of My Mother: Ann Haynes Hagan by Frances McCarter

Jerry's Antipasto: Free & Easy in the Kitchen by Robert Kristoff

Loretta Seravalli Kocaurek by Lisa Kelsey

los angeles - designer clothes & gourmet food - by Heidi Becket

Malaysian Cooking "creating an amazing life" - by Tania Nathan

marathon cooking by Diana McAndrews

McLaren Vale - by Margaret E. Walker ***

Mother's Special Treat by Ron Duckworth

My Three Pears by Stacy Cooper

my mother, my teacher - by Isobel Lane - a wonderful English memory and a tribute to Mum

My Sicilian Mama & Papa by Tony Matteliano

a new year's wish - by Margaret Walker - in which the author dreams about stoves***

one day in Ireland - by Diana Viola - what to do if you're in Ireland and you've eaten a great Irish breakfast

the orchard - by Margaret Walker - pears, plums, pistachios, the queen of all - quince ***

Three hundred cookbooks and nothing to eat by Patrick Cullie

Our Mothers' Recipes - the making of a book about recipes and moms, by Jonathan Cutler and Lanny Udell

outback camping - by Margaret E. Walker**

an ozarks thanksgiving - by Valorie Paul - a perfect roast turkey and mystery meat ***

poems and pottery in praise of food - by Judith Enright - she makes the dishes to eat from and writes poems in praise of food

The Poetry of the Kitchen by Diana Viola

At the Seaside in Maine - returning to Hattie's by Stacy Cooper - summer's cooking adventures ***

sicilian comfort food - by Marisa Viola - Mom goes for health food, and turns the fridge green, but Dad makes lasagna***

skipping a generation - by Helen McKay - the influence of a Piedmontese grandfather**

southern romance - by Jane Marie - a barbecue in the tradition of the old south

Southern Pride and Southern Fried (by David Adams with his wife Heather Howell-Adams)

spice-rubbed roasted turkey - by Valorie Paul - Dad's specialty and how to do it

Southern Fried & Southern Pride by Heather Howell-Adams

Sweet are the uses of adversity - by Margaret Walker - an orchard becomes a business

tannie babs of south africa -by Meryl Grebe - in praise of an 'auntie'

Tea Time in Kentucky by Andie Paysinger

Tea for Two by Heidi Becket

these kids rock by Diana McAndrews

uncle al, my mother & ragu by David Adams

Vegetarian Comfort Food by Adrienne Ehlert Bashista

Verna Lee Trautman, In Honor of My Mother: Verna Lee Trautman by Karen Bennett

war and food: surviving a concentration camp in south africa - by Meryl Grebe




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