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At Our Table

Favorite Recipes to Share with the People You Love

recipes by Roxie Kelley Illustrations by Shelly Reeves Smith

Published by Andrews McMeel

The author has kindly shared these recipes:

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As a celebration of gathering together to eat, At Our Table is an inspiration to families to savor time and food together, and the perfect hostess gift after a weekend sharing food and friendship.  Born of the collaboration of Roxie Kelley and illustrator Shelly Reeves Smith, At Our Table is about the richness of companionship whether family or friends. Many of the recipes were gleaned from sharing friends who are lavishly credited for their generosity.  As author Kelley states, "every time we sacrificed 'table-time' together, it seemed as if those grab-and-go meals were draining us of our energy and enthusiasm, instead of lifting us to a higher and healthier place.  But as we all know, one day at a time we give those days away, until they become years given away."   All the recipes have notes preceding them speaking of the moments of sharing, of family and always of friends.  All of the recipes have illustrations that celebrate the ordinary tools and familiar scenes of our day-by-day life, making us aware that the life lived in small moments may be more valuable than the one lived on a grand stage

The recipes are divided into chapters from Appetizers, Main Dishes, Side Dishes & Salads, Breads, Muffins & Spreads, Dessert, and This and That.  The latter has teas, marinades, tips on blending breadcrumbs, and on toasting nuts.  Additionally Kelley offers short sections on tools and stocking the kitchen.

The recipes are simple and clearly written so they may be followed easily.  You'll find such recipes as A Little Gift of Herbs given away to be used as a party favor); Auntie's Pretzels Southwestern Tomato-Cheese Soup, Brooke's Baja Taco, Hawaiian Chicken, Crispy baked Tilapia.  The recipes often have stories attached, such as The Sister's Meat Loaf, which Kelley tells us, "This recipe is from Gail Hessenkemper, who shared it with her sister who shared it with my sister, who shared it with me."  The spirit of generosity shows through many recipes: Christine's Tomato Tart, credited to Chris Kleiber, and Kelley says she floods Kleiber with kitchen questions because she is such a good cook.  There are Peaches and Cream Muffins, made by Kelley's daughter, Brooke, to serve at church; Lisa's Bliss Bars, contributed by "one of the many amazing teachers" in the lake area; Caramel Oatmeal Bars to be enjoyed and made by children; Jan's Just "Dew" It Apple Dessert, from Kelley's sister Jan. 

The spirit of camaraderie shines through the book, both in text and illustrations.


About the Author and Illustrator:

Roxie Kelley is the founding proprietor of home-furnishing emporium Keeping Good Company. She crafts her own online journal, "Sweet Slice of Life," and is currently living in Dove Canyon, California.

Shelly Reeves Smith is an award-winning illustrator whose designs are featured through Andrews McMeel Publishing and other licensors. She lives in Galena, Missouri.


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