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The Art of Cookies

Fast & Fun Cookie Decoration

by Noga Hitron & Natasha Haimovich,

published by Ten Speed Press

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The Art of Cookies, an introduction to creative cookie decoration, is a book that belongs in every mama's kitchen. Brightly illustrated with photographs that guide the user through the art of decorating cookies, the photos are so appealing that children will be drawn to select their favorite cookie design. Together, both mom and child will establish traditions and form memories that enrich our lives.

The authors offer core recipes for cookies and muffins, but their emphasis is on freeing the imagination to decorate with memorable designs. With step by step illustrations as well as traceable stencils, they offer cookies for all holidays. For December, there are angels, stars and snowmen, Santas and trees, some designed as tree ornaments. There are dreidels and menorahs for Hanukkah.

This is a book for all seasons, however. Other holidays are represented, from the rockets bursting in air for July Fourth to creepy crawly spiders and ghosts for Halloween, as well as Easter bunnies, Valentine's hearts and the plumed gobbler traditional at Thanksgiving. Not content with covering our holidays, there are cookie designs for birthdays, baby showers, some for sports fans and fashion plates. There are even flowers on sticks, should you want to plant a springtime cookie garden on your table.

Included in the pages of the book is a clear instructional section on icing and decorating that gives the techniques that will ensure success even for the less artistic. There are tips on rolling and cutting dough, suggestions for edible materials that are suitable for decorating a cookie or muffin.

Happily, this is a paperback, but one on heavy stock paper to withstand a little splattering - sure to happen to a much-used book.

NOGA HITRON was a successful jewelry designer before turning to cakes and cookies. She is the proprietor of Cookies for Fun, a thriving decorative cookie business selling to gourmet food and fashion shops throughout the world.

NATASHA HAIMOVICH is a food stylist with a degree from the Culinary Program at New York’s New School. She is a cooking and styling editor for food magazines and a creative designer and food stylist for several international culinary publications.

Review by Diana Viola


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