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Catering for President Clinton: Healthy Appetizers and Healthy Hors D'oeuvres




A Menu for Bill Clinton

What do you cook when President Bill Clinton  is the guest of honor?


Courtesy of Creative CuisinEtc.




Lisa Teiger, owner of Creative CuisinEtc with President Bill Clinton

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What does a savvy caterer prepare when the guest of honor at an intimate fundraiser is former President Bill Clinton?   What do they cook when Clinton will speak of health care, when the fundraiser, aptly named “Exercise Your Vote” takes place in a spin studio?  

Like great performers, great caterers are known for their versatility.  Lisa Teiger and Andrew Crossan, co-owners of Creative CuisinEtc have risen often to such challenges. They have created unique menus for a dizzying variety of people - from CEO's to rap stars, from Republicans to Democrats .  But now they were cooking for President Clinton whose diet went from junk-food to healthy. “Our spa hors d’oeuvre menu, designed especially for this event was guilt-free, yet didn't’ scream health food.  Healthy appetizers need not be bland and tasteless and they certainly can be beautiful."


Describing the challenge of presenting healthy appetizers and healthy hors d'oeuvres, Lisa said, "In recent years folks have become more health conscious and we’ve been called upon to create and execute all vegetarian and vegan weddings, produced vegan boxed lunches for a huge animal farm rights conference that Peter Max sponsors, and incorporated healthy indulgences into elegant upmarket menus offering foie gras and what we called Beef Wellington Bytes."

Our challenge was to figure out what hors d'oeuvres and appetizers would be healthy, yet not unappealing, and would entice guests to partake in the offerings both before and after exercise which was part part of the program. Healthy indulgence was our guiding light."

Because we eat with our eyes before we even touch a morsel, creative presentation tailored for this event was paramount. And let’s face it, as boutique caterers, we always want to impress our clients and their guests, but in this case, the bar was raised to a new level. The guests were there for the President, not the food, however it was important for the array of spa hors d’oeuvres to compliment the theme of both fundraising and health, as well as to enhance the experience for the President and the contributors as well as showcase our talents.

Super healthy foods are beautiful, but in the past have been relegated to the side.  We made hors d'oeuvres stars of our healthy vegetables by presenting them in a new way, one that took advantage of their vibrant colors.  (see photo below) 

Like magicians creating smoke without fire, we used dry ice to produce smoke under a swinging Moroccan lantern platter which held the smoking chicken. The guests' responses were so enthusiastic that we felt we had achieved our goals.

We also wanted to offer guests some refreshing natural beverages, so the idea of a shot bar offering soy honey lime lassis, virgin mojitos with fresh mint and sparkling housemade orangeade seemed the perfect solution.

Of course, everyone's favorite was the chocolate dipped strawberries with amaretto pipette shooters and what we called Cherry Tomato BLT’s, a dish of stuffed cherry tomatoes that carried a hint of bacon - just enough for taste. And we had to honor President Clinton with a gesture of patriotism, so we concocted a special salute to the president with red-white-and-blue fruit salad in mini glass espresso cups.

Those items fit the yin yang of healthy indulgence. As is the rule at events where there is no seating, most everything was easy to eat in just one or two bites or to eat while standing, (e.g. the asian crab coleslaw in cute little red Chinese to–go containers) and something not only Bill Clinton, but the other health conscious guests would want to eat before or after an exercise program.”


Individual Crudites Bundles




Close-up of Crudités Bundle

Menu for President Bill Clinton

Individual Crudité Bundles in Veggie Shot Glasses
with Spa Watercress Dip  
click for recipe

Crazy smokin’ chicken satay

Crab coleslaw with Julienned Vegetable Salad,
Passed in Petit Red Chinese Containers with Chopsticks

Cherry Tomatoes BLT  Bytes

Asparagus spears wrapped in smoked salmon & wasabi pate

Tuna tatare with wasabi crème in petit cones                  

Fresh Strawberries Dipped in Belgium Dark Chocolate      
infused with amaretto pipette

Tropical minted fruit salad served in mini espresso cups click for recipe

Shot bar:

French sparkling orangeade shots
Soy Honey Lime Lassi shots click for recipe
Virgin Mojito Shots– with sparkling limeade and mint
sparkling ater




Try recipes designed for President Clinton

Crudité Bundles in Veggie Shot Glasses
with Spa Watercress Dip
(full "how-to" article)

Soy Honey Lassi Shots

red white and blues fruit salad

President Clinton
Former President Bill Clinton

About Creative CuisinEtc:  Lisa Teiger and her partner Andrew Crossan have been delighting both Democrats and Republicans, brides and grooms from the tip of the Hampton's to the California coast, CEO's in New York, London and Paris, Sonoma country wine growers, rap artists and Manhattan bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah moms.

Creative CuisinEtc specialize in what they like to call “transglobal fusion cuisine” incorporating both food ideas and décor items from their extensive travels around the world. In our 20 plus years of designing menus and catering for clients from New York to London, France, Turkey, Florida, Tennessee, D.C., Baltimore, and California, the premise is always the same, custom designing the menu to the event and attendees is key. We asked if they enjoyed designing healthy hors d'oeuvres and healthy appetizers for President Bill Clinton.   Their wide smiles gave us the answer.

Creative CuisinEtc.

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